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(All of these pets have been groomed to the owners preference.)
                   Maggie (after)                                                Star (after)
Star and Maggie (before)


                 Mobley (before)                                        Mobley (after)


Maci (after)
Cocoa Bella after her first haircut
                     Ruffie (before)                                       Ruffie (after)
                Sammy Jo (after)                                         Sadie (bath time)
                    Dakota (before)                                          Dakota (after)
                Charlie (before)                                       Charlie (after) 
                 George (before)                                       George (after)
                   Abby (before)                                              Abby (after)
                 Abbey (before)                                        Abbey (after)
              Scooter (before)                                     Scooter (after)
                 Scamp (before)                                   Scamp (after)
                  Fudge (before)                                    Fudge (after)
                 Scooter (before)                                  Scooter (after)
               Mufasa (before)                                    Mufasa (after)
                  Rinker (before)                                       Rinker (after)

Misty (after)
                 Bear (before)                                              Bear (after)



                Roscoe (before)                                      Roscoe (after)



Rosy (after)



                  Joey (before)                                         Joey (after)



               Harley (before)                                      Harley (after)



               Malcolm (before)                                    Malcolm (after)